Maria Portaluppi

Documentary Photographer
Nice bed, hard bread and flat land
Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorean
Biography: My career began when I decided to study cinematography, in 2004, this is how photography became my tool of work as a Director of Photography. A few years later I decided to quit the audiovisual area, and focused on photography doing a Master in... MORE
Public Story
Nice bed, hard bread and flat land
Copyright Maria Portaluppi 2022
Date of Work Apr 2018 - Dec 2018
Updated Nov 2019
Topics Abandonment, Abuse, Animals, Crime, Documentary, Education, Family, Photography, Racing
My interest in developing this project starts in my concern  about the relationship between human beings and animals and how to understand it from different aspects: the animal as way of livelihood, as a tool for working, as an entertainment, as a partner, as a form of therapy, as a mean for education, as a science tool, etc.  All these aspects are always pointing to benefit mankind.  My work is a search to understand different shades in this relationship, further to what I can understand from my own experience. The project was born from a big controversy that exists in many European countries, especially in Spain; the hunting and the racings with greyhound dogs.  These are centuries old traditions that are forbidden in other countries but they have remained entrenched in Spain, despite big campaign against them from a political party and other associations that see hunting and racing using greyhound dogs as the cause of abuse, abandonment, and indiscriminate deaths of the greyhound dogs involved in those activities. Why there are still communities that defend these traditions and refuse to eradicate them? What are their principles and how they relate to other animals? Because one reality is the consequence of other but they assure me the opposite.  They do not consider themselves capable of mistreating their animals and they blame the increase of robberies that are being perpetrated by people who are not part of the greyhound dogs tradition. Nice bed, hard bread and flat land is the slogan that have been used for many years by people dedicated to these activities to describe their relationship with greyhound dogs.  Because that is what the learnt from their parents, grandparents or uncles, and that is how they keep this bond with their animals and traditions.
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Nice bed, hard bread and flat land by Maria Portaluppi
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