Paula de Abrantes

Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: Argentinian
Biography: Paula de Abrantes is an Argentinian photographer who lives in Germany. Her work is primarily focused on stories related to infancy and adolescence. In Argentina, Paula studied Social Anthropology and Photography. In 2010 she traveled to Germany... read on
Mis 15 (my 15)

“In the collective consciousness, the quinceañera (15th birthday celebration for girls) is a rite of passage from childhood to maturity. It also functions as a way of coming out into society and an announcement that the adolescent is now ready for marriage. But, in reality, the age of marriage has been displaced for later and there are other ways in which girls become women. If they believe in the toad of fairy tales, they will choose a dress and traditional rites. If they reject it, they can re-appropriate the expected mandates of being a woman or a princess.”
                                                                                                                                                                                            Mariela Chevrin

Mis 15 is a photography essay about the 15th birthday celebration in Argentina. It tells the story of the experiences of young girls in that celebration, adolescence, corporeality, contradictions, and the intensity of youth.
Currently Paula continues to work on this project creating a photographic archive of the 15th birthday celebration in Argentina.