Michel Petillo

I'm not my body; A story about Euthanasia
Location: Brussels
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: I am a Brussels based photographer and member of the Belgian National Association of Professional Photographers and a Shutterhub photographer.  My work is inspired by close personal contact and social/humanistic themes.   Awards &... read on
I'm not my body; A story about Euthanasia
michel petillo
Aug 2, 2018

 Honoured to be part of the finalists of the KOLGA and KLPA 2018

     Michel Petillo - I am not my Body
         I am not my body is a social documentary about euthanasia. In the summer of 2016, I met Claire, a now 34 year old woman in a wheelchair. I met her through her hypnotherapist who has been treating Claire for her unrelingishing pains in her right...

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