Michel Petillo

Location: Brussels
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: Michel is a Brussels-based freelance fine art and documentary photographer  (°1971). He is half Italian, half Dutch.He began photography with the Berlin School of Photography (Bettina Von Kameke) in 2009. In 2014, Michel attended a... read on
I am not my body published online on DODHO Magazine
michel petillo
Nov 7, 2018
Very please to have been published online by Dodho Magazine:
I’m not my body - A story about euthanasia by Michel Petillo |
It sets out to document that euthanasia, contrary to suicide, is not triggered by a severe depressive state. It is a conscious decision and a deeply human journey where the dichotomy of right and wrong must make way for compassion and hope.


By Michel Petillo —


Brussels in Lockdown

By Michel Petillo / Brussels — Brussels in quantantine. More on:  COVID19 - Kleur

208 Ways to leave the EU

By Michel PETILLO — 500 km of border 208 official and a multitude of unofficial border crossings 1900 km of borderland 21..

Hello Tree - Autumn is here .... finally

By Michel PETILLO / Sonian Forest, Brussels — Sonian Forest Brussels - Unesco Heritage site since 2017.

Dr. Denis Mukwege wins the Nobel Peace Prize

By Michel PETILLO / Brussels — Dr. Denis #Mukwege has won the #nobelpeaceprize. He is also known as the "man who repairs women"..

IPA 2018 winners announced

By Michel PETILLO / New York City — Honoured to have been awarded an Honorable Mention in the  2018 International Photography Awards ..

London Photo Month 2018

By Michel PETILLO — Feeling Honoured to be part of London Photomonth with Shutter Hub Open 2018. Opening on 4 October at Old..

The end of Coal: Reality Check on the Energiewende

By Michel PETILLO — Reality Check on the Energiewende During the UN climate negotiations at the 23rd Conference of the Parties..

I'm not my body; A story about Euthanasia

By Michel PETILLO —  Honoured to be part of the finalists of the KOLGA and KLPA 2018       Michel Petillo -..
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