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Girls, Women Too Early (Cameroon)
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italian
Biography: I am a freelance documentary photographer and filmmaker. I traveled throughout Africa over the past ten years, documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, gender issues, sustainable development. Since 2011 I’m... read on
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Girls, Women Too Early (Cameroon)
Credits: paolo patruno
Updated: 09/13/16
Location: Bakumba, Cameroon
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GIRLS: WOMEN TOO EARLY - Bakumba, Cameroon. 2014

Christine, 17-years-old, got married when she was 15, lost her first child when she was 16, and she is now seven months pregnant.
Rose, 16-years-old, is currently breastfeeding first child of five months. 
Christine dropped out of school in secondary two and Rose dropped out at the end of primary six, both due to a lack of financial availability from their families. Christine and Rose live in a very remote and rural area in the tropical highland forest in Cameroon, making their living through farming cocoa. They represent thousands of teenage mothers in Cameroon.

Africa has the world’s highest rate of adolescent pregnancy, a factor that affects the health, education, and earning potential of millions of African girls.

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