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Veleno - Satanic panic
Location: bologna
Nationality: italian
Biography: Carolina Paltrinieri is a photographer with experience in reportage, archive and selection, editing and reporting. After a period of training at the Nikon School, with whom she has traveled to the world with the best reportage professors on the... read on
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Veleno - Satanic panic
Credits: carolina paltrinieri
Date of Work: 05/27/17 - 05/11/19
Updated: 07/01/19
Location: massa finalese
We are in Italy, in the Modenese lowlands in a village in the province, Massa Finalese fraction of Finale Emilia.

On 23 December 1993 the "child zero" is moved away from his family, the Galliera. A poor family that has two other children. He is the smallest, has three years. Live in via Abba Motto 19, a house that has been offered by the priest Don Giorgio Govoni. In 1995, the child zero is entrusted to a new family and after several meetings with the social assistants starts telling of violence, of satanic rites and meetings in the cemeteries.

In 1997 the family Galliera is stopped. Father, mother and elder brother imprisoned.
The "child zero" begins to make the names of other children that night, with parents participated to the messe satanic conducted by Don George cemeteries of Finale Emilia and Massa Finalese.
The village is incredulous, devastated, there was doubt of all. The social balance heavily compromised.
Children as in a domino begin to be carried away. You are afraid that can happen to anyone, just that children will know, a name for a child is only a name.
After the Galliera is the turn of the daughter Santo and Maria Giacco, that 16 March 1998 is taken from the school by the police. The small was the companion of games of "Child 0”.

The 12 November 1998 tap to the family Covezzi and which are carried away all four sons together with another child, "Alessandro", that at eighteen'years will be'only to then return home by denying of having accused his parents.
The accusations that these children, after exhausting interrogations by social workers, turn to their own parents are very heavy. Tell of human sacrifices in cemeteries, tell that the corpses of other children are thrown into a river but, in that river that was dredged and never nothing was found and nobody ever disappeared.
The family after years in prison are accomplished with full formula.
Despite this the children will never more return home.
Don Giorgio Govoni, after the acquittal died of a heart attack.
Delfino Covezzi from 1998 to 2013, the year of his death, not revised ever more his sons. He and his wife in '98 fled to France where she still lives together with Stefano the child she was carrying in her womb in that year disastrous. The single that remained.
Santo Giacco today is in a wheelchair after a stroke that has removed the use Word and expects every day the return of her child.
A'Another victim is the family of Federico whey that has lost three children and is separated from his wife after having served 10 years of prison declaring himself innocent.
Families destroyed, bad health and corrupt administrations continue but still their work.
With the podcast "Veleno" conducted by Pablo Trincia and produced by "Repubblica" this investigation has returned to light. A business of AUSL and social services which according to the latest surveys seems is 3.5 million euro.

Pablo Trincia after three years of work it has recovered the videos of the interrogations where children are clearly influenced responses, documents, judgments and testimonies that also thanks to his fellow citizens incredulous and to the parish priest and friend of Don Giorgio Govoni, Don Ettore Rovatti were kept for all these years.


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