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Updated: 04/19/21
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The Coptic Orthodox Church has been present in Ethiopia since the fourth century AD. About half of the 90 million citizens embrace its faith. The remaining 45 million are divided between Catholics and Muslims.As in many poor countries, faith and devotion are anchors of salvation of the spirit, in the face of scarce material to which to appeal.
The Coptic religion involves the faithful in prayer, colors, day and night vigils and mass rites triumphant in colors and atmospheres. And if the prayers are not enough, a bath in the Holy Waters makes up for what the absent medicine cannot heal.
Earth, fire, air and water. The elements of the earth emerge and merge and divide continuously. Perhaps an unconscious evocation. A message to nature steeped in spirituality and despair. An invisible answer to the cries of survival to face daily adversity.
And during the morning, day and night prayers a single color of purity unites the devotees in the great rites of sacred places: white.

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