Emrah oprukcu

Photojournalist based in Istanbul
Location: istanbul
Nationality: Turkish
Biography: Photojournalist 
Public Story
Credits: emrah oprukcu
Date of Work: 06/01/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 10/20/18
Across its history, Iran has continuously pursued modernisation whilst looking to maintain its spiritual integrity. It has had a Muslim majority population for centuries and so the culture is deeply characterised by its strong Islamic influence. The Iranian people have a record of practising quite a progressive form of Shi’a Islam. The cultural interpretation of the religion has been traditionally open-minded, making allowances for liberal behaviour and improvements in women’s rights. People generally had more the freedom of choice and expression over, for example, whether they wished to pray or wear a ‘hijab’. However, in 1979, the Islamic Revolution overthrew the secular monarchy and the Islamic Republic was subsequently established.


By Emrah oprukcu —


Turkish people & Politic in the streets

By Emrah oprukcu — In the last past 7 years, lot of political events happened in Turkey such as Presidential & local elections, referendum, military coup…..

Ara Guler

By Emrah oprukcu — Turkish photographer Ara Guler's coffin is carried into the Uc Horon Armenian church during his funeral at Galatasaray square on Istiklal avenue..

Raksha Bandhan

By Emrah oprukcu — Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the love between brothers and sisters.The festival’s name is made up of two words: Raksha..

Temple Ceremony

By Emrah oprukcu — Indian people pray in the Galta Ji temple in Jaipur, India Galta Ji- the magnificent campus of temples

Teej Festival

By Emrah oprukcu — Rajasthani folk artists perform as they take part in a traditional Teej festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India August  2018. Indian married women..

Wedding Ring "Alyans"

By Emrah Oprukcu — Turkish jeweller work on a ring in a jewelry workplace in Istanbul, Turkey. They are making handmade jewelry near the Grand Bazaar area in Istanbul...
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