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Location: Cortona, Italy
Biography: CORTONA ON THE MOVE was founded in 2011 by ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association. Right from the start some of the world’s top photographers brought their work to Cortona and the festival attracted the immediate attention of industry professionals,... read on
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Cortona On The Move & LensCulture present: New Visions
cortona on the move
Feb 23, 2017

Cortona On The Move is at its 7th edition this year. To honour the path we have taken, we want to give new life to our call for submissions. We have partnered with LensCulture to create a free open call that seeks to attract original documentary works from all over the world.

We are looking for work that will amaze us.

New Visions stands for the quest for the ever-changing grammar of photography. As a language, photography is in continuous flux and it needs to adapt to the changes in society and culture in order to keep communicating a strong message and to offer new emotions.

In the new spirit of "on the move", we will value the originality of style and language with which the works have been conceived and created. Concept and execution go hand in hand, and the output should strive, like a lingua franca, to reach a broad audience.

We are seeking documentary works that are conceived with an honest intention and do not fear experimentation.

For information and application visit our website.

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