Samuel Okocha

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Stories from Transit Yellow Buses
Location: Lagos
Nationality: Nigeria
Biography: Samuel Okocha is a Lagos based independent multi-platform journalist and street and documentary photographer.
Public Story
Stories from Transit Yellow Buses
Copyright samuel okocha 2021
Date of Work 12/18/16 - Ongoing
Updated 05/08/19
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An ongoing project, this series aims to document and show the life of everyday Nigerians in Lagos through the prism of the yellow bus, locally known as Danfo.

In Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos, the yellow bus serves as the most popular vehicle for commercial transport within the city.  The bus, usually an old Volkswagen 16-18 seater vehicle, is loved by commercial bus drivers for its seeming durability and ruggedness fitting for Nigeria’s potholed roads.

The commercial shuttle, popularly called Danfo, has come to symbolize the hustle and bustle of everyday Nigerians in the country’s most populous city of over 20million people.

From the bus drivers and conductors, who depend on the shuttle for their daily earnings, to passengers on the move trying to catch up with business, there’s a huge economy around the Danfo.

But the Danfo also comes with its troubles. Many of the buses are rickety, the drivers may be on alcohol( Chelsea dry gin), and you can have your handset disappear during rush hour.

And life goes on. Through the Stories from Transit  Yellow Buses series, the photographer seeks to show some of the ways the Danfo intersects with the life of everyday people in Africa’s bustling and most populous city.