Emeka Okereke

Photographer, Filmmaker, Writer, Visual Artist
Lisbon: Hues & Textures
Location: Lagos and Berlin
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Emeka Okereke is a Nigerian visual artist and writer who lives and works between Lagos and Berlin, moving from one to the other on a frequent basis. A past member of the renowned Nigerian photography collective Depth of Field (DOF), he holds a... read on
Public Story
Lisbon: Hues & Textures
Credits: emeka okereke
Date of Work: 07/31/19 - 08/02/19
Updated: 08/02/19
Location: Lisbon
I recently visited Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. I was very much taken by its architecture characterised by intricate manoeuvrings with the most unlikely forms and contours. When light eventually descends on the city, be it at dawn or dusk, shadows intersect as if building structures, objects, the people morph into each other. I photographed mainly tourists who, as I saw it photographically, were compelled to become part of the city's mirage-like, mirror-like nature; who at every point balance out the spatial discrepancies of a city that seems to have erupted out of a series of parallax errors. 

By Emeka Okereke —

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