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Another Day
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Location: Cali, Colombia
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Ottavia (b.1992) is an Italian documentary photographer focused on Human Rights, Environment and Public Health related issues. Born and raised in the Principality of Monaco, a 2km square sovereign-state also known as the second smallest country in... MORE
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Another Day
Copyright Ottavia Fabbri 2022
Date of Work Mar 2018 - Ongoing
Updated Oct 2018
Location Monaco 98000
Topics Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Landscape, Mediterranean Sea, Photography, Sea, Travel, Water, Weather

Another Day is a self-meditating project that expresses through a series of photographs the ever-changing horizon of one's life.

The desire of portraying the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea came during a transitory period of my life, where I needed to find inspiration and I used photography as a way to help myself cope with the situation I was going through.

The horizon underlines the idea of transition, passage, change;  seeing the evolution of colours, clouds, waves, all altering from one state to another emphasises the idea that these situations/conditions are purely ephemeral.

Putting these pictures together day after day, helped me understand some of the changes that I was facing in my daily life and how brief those states could be.

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Ottavia Fabbri / Colombia

Earthquake aftermath - Nepal

Ottavia Fabbri


Ottavia Fabbri / Monaco 98000

One in Three - Monaco

Ottavia Fabbri / Monaco


Ottavia Fabbri / Bushwick

窗框 - Beijing - TRAVEL

Ottavia Fabbri / Beijing

Mongolia - TRAVEL -

Ottavia Fabbri / Mongolia

Nepal - TRAVEL -

Ottavia Fabbri / Nepal

WWF Wolf

Ottavia Fabbri / Abruzzo
Another Day by Ottavia Fabbri
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