Octavio Hoyos

Location: Mexico City
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Octavio Hoyos. Mexico City, 1974. Study journalism in the Universidad del Distrito Federal in Mexico City. Start in the photo agency Imagenlatina in the 2000. In 2003 join to the national newspaper Milenio as a staff photographer. Has been... read on
Public Story
The structure of the mexican system is based in three powers: executive, legislative and judiciary, which control each other. In the past administration of powers in Mexico, citizens have shown great dissatisfaction with the performance of each structure due to dozens of injustices and forgetting the bases of each power.
Power show the details that make up each of those organizations where the distortion of a country in suspense, in conjunction with presidential patriotism and its extreme security; politicians of the two chambers that conform in legislative power that show their hierarchy with luxuries; the relationship between justice and death, the fatigue of the security forces in the face of necessity, rather than conviction, encompass situations beyond citizenship.

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