Jess Obert

Photographer / Videographer
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Location: Port au Prince, Haiti
Nationality: American
Biography: Jess Obert is a visual journalist and filmmaker based in Haiti. Jess has worked at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in Washington, DC, and her work has been published in various publications. She leads workshops for Girls Voices, is a... read on


Offerings left at the National Cemetery in Port-au-Prince for Fèt Gede, or Day of the Dead. Haiti, 2018.
A protestor holds a banner and rope demanding...
A protestor holds a banner and rope demanding for accountability and an end to corruption during the protest. Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the $3.8 billion that the government and private sector has been accused of embezzling from Venezuela’s subsidized PetroCaribe oil program. The revenue was supposed to go toward financing economic and social programs. The PetroCaribe Challenge was started after Haitian filmmaker Gilbert Mirambeau Jr. posted on social media asking: “Kot Kòb PetroCaribe a,” or “Where did the PetroCaribe money go?” With a large youth, grassroots base, ongoing demonstrations across Haiti asking for accountability and denouncing corruption. Haiti, 2018.
This small group of women salt workers are from...
This small group of women salt workers are from the most isolated and forgotten villages in Haiti. And they inspired a movement that has grown to include 3200 women — a union offering support, wisdom and song.  Haiti, 2018.