Kristine Nyborg

Louie and Lulu
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Nationality: Norwegian
Biography: Kristine Nyborg is a Norwegian photojournalist based out of Ottawa, Canada. She has a BA in Photojournalism, MPhil in Visual Ethnography and teaches photography to anyone who’s willing to partake in a combination of monologues and... read on
Public Story
Louie and Lulu
Lulu Nelson loved purple. She lived with her husband Louie on the tundra outside Kotzebue, Alaska. Lulu grew up in the bush. She got her news from the short-wave radio and her hands were always busy. Louie and Lulu Nelson found their food around their home, as their parents did before them and their parents did before them. Fish and berries, greens and caribou, they were hunter and gatherers. They also had a generator, a washing machine, a TV and two four wheelers for summer and two snow machines for winter. Lulu passed away in 2016, Louie still lives on the tundra fishing and foraging. These photographs are from 2008 and 2009.

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On Assignment

By Kristine Nyborg

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By Kristine Nyborg — Lindau Conference 2011 Among many Nobel Laureates in Economics was John Nash. Over the course of three days..


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By Kristine Nyborg / Canada — In 2013 I left photojournalism for motherhood. I didn't plan it that way, but when my oldest child was 7..

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Oslo 2011

By Kristine Nyborg — July 22, 2011. A bomb went off downtown Oslo, killing eight people and injuring 209. A couple of hours later..
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