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Nothing to See
Includes 32 images
Credit: Nick St.Oegger via Visura
Asset ID: VA58528
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Nick St.Oegger, 2023
Collection: Travel
Location: Albania
Topics: Array Culture Documentary Photography Street Travel

Nick St.Oegger

Based in Tirana, Albania

Nick St.Oegger is a documentary photographer and National Geographic Explorer based between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Tirana, Albania. His photography explores the close relationship between people and place. Working throughout the...
Also by Nick St.Oegger —
Opposition protest against local elections, Shkodra, 2019
Vlorë, 2015
Pilgrimage site at Laç, 2015
Durrës, 2016
Construction site near ancient ruins, Durrës, 2017
Albania vs. Norway football match, Tirana, 2013
Partisan monument, Korça, 2015
View of the Black Drin river, Shkodra, 2015
Gjipe beach, 2015
Ottoman Era bridge, outside Shkodra, 2015
Bike repair shop, Shkodra, 2015
Bajram Curri, 2013
Mihal, Fisherman near Lin, 2015
Pogradec, 2015
Young butcher, Tirana, 2015
Albania vs. Armenia football match, Shkodra, 2015
Shkodra, 2016
The 19th century castle of Ali Pasha Tepelenë, built on an outcrop at Porto Palermo, on Albania's southern coast, 2022.
Pilgrims leaving offerings at the church of Saint Anthony, Laç, 2015
Ferry, Lake Koman, 2013
Closed beach resort, Shengjin, 2017
Shkodra, 2015
Folklore festival, Gjirokastra, 2015
Theth National Park, 2015
Fishermen heading to their boats, Vlora, 2015
Waiting for a train, Tirana, 2013
Communist apartment blocks, Korça, 2015
Crumbling villa, Shkodra, 2017
Gjirokastra, 2013
Gazim, surveying flood damage to his home, outskirts of Tirana, 2016
Laç, 2015