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Dubrovnik for BA High Life Magazine - Part 1
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Location: Tirana, Albania
Biography: My journey as a storyteller was inspired by childhood trips with my mountaineer grandfather, who introduced me to the wonders of the natural world, while sharing tales of the people and places from his adventurous life. He sparked in me a... MORE
Dubrovnik for BA High Life Magazine - Part 1
nick st.oegger
Jan 3, 2022
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Was pleased to have the chance to shoot these photos of Dubrovnik in the off season for British Airways High Life magazine. I've had commissions in Dubrovnik before, but always in the busy summer season, so it was a real treat to be able to experience the city during a calmer time. Dubrovnik can often feel like Disneyland, with crowds of people, cruise ships, and most things tailored towards tourism. Wandering the quiet, cool streets in winter, I experienced a completely different atmosphere, with locals indeed "taking back" their old town, carrying on life as they have for hundreds of years within these beautiful city walls.
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Nick St.Oegger
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Dubrovnik for BA High Life Magazine - Part 1 by Nick St.Oegger
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