Nikki Johnson

Photographer / Social Explorer
Big John, Bronx
Location: New York, New York
Nationality: USA
Biography: Mississippi-born, New York based photographer follows her subjects throughout their environments. She captures their lives and learns their stories, even when her portraits are of strangers whom she may never meet again. Although she does not... read on
Public Story
Big John, Bronx
Updated: 11/26/17
Location: Bronx ,NYC

Big John, as he is affectionately known, as well as by the stage name "Jean Valjean", was a seminal pornographic filmmaker in the 1980s and early to mid 1990s with titles like Harlem Honies, Silence of the G.A.M.S., and Our Naked Eyes. I became acquainted with him though friends in the adult entertainment industry and we have become very good friends, with Jean acting almost as a father figure who now gives me advice on dating and cooking. Now 75, Jeasn  continues to define himself in his own way and insist on living and working by his own rules.


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