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Chocolate on my jeans
Biography: Born in Santiago de Chile in 1977. His interest for photography begins in Sweden, the country to which he moved at the age of ten and where he later on studied photography. Currently he lives in Chile from where he works as a freelance... read on
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Chocolate on my jeans
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I am not a man. Our society tends to define us by what we do, and according to the logic of a country with "machismo" ideals, I must then be a woman. I am, as I like to call it a "home-dad"; I cook, I change diapers, I wipe snotty noses, I prepare my children's school lunch. So, my everyday life is a testimony to the loneliness that comes with raising children on your own, the boring routines and the stress. But also to the magic and the love for the most amazing people I will ever meet.


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