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Lebanese High Society
Location: Dubai
Nationality: British Lebanese
Biography: Natalie Naccache is a Lebanese- British documentary photographer based between Dubai and Beirut. Having grown up to Lebanese parents in London, her work challenges preconceived ideas of the Middle East in modern day society. Her photographs... MORE
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Lebanese High Society
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Date of Work Sep 2012 - Nov 2013
Updated Mar 2020
Topics Adolescence, Beirut, Fashion, Lebanon, Luxury, Wedding

Paris of the Middle East

Lebanon was known as the "Paris of the Middle East" before the civil war took place, it was a haven for the Arab elite filled with both Casinos and an active nightlife.

Whilst Lebanon is facing regional political turmoil, Lebanon continues it's charity gala dinners and Debutante Balls. Their lifestyles include events such as hosting 1,000 guest weddings, while being entertained by A-list Arab pop stars, all while adorning Lebanese designer dresses.

The Annual Debutante Ball is designed to introduce young ladies, from all over Lebanon, aged between 15-21 to Lebanese High Society, with the aim to raise money to buy ambulances for the Lebanese Red Cross.

Every year, the Ball is broadcast on National television, and a foreign Prince as well as Lebanon's first lady are invited to attend. The Debutante committee carefully selects these ladies, who all come from "good backgrounds". To take part it costs approximately $2,000, which the participants describe as "the best night of their life".

Many of women who are part of the Debutante Ball committee dedicate their time to helping charitable causes across Lebanon, to "help Lebanon become better".


Lebanese High Society story was supported by Der Spiegel magazine.

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