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The day you were born, I wasn"™t born yet.
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The day you were born, I wasn"™t born yet.
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Updated 05/10/21
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The day you were born, I wasn’t born yet. 

by Kai Yokoyama

When this pandemic began in 2020, I lost control like people around the world.
I talked with my family more than ever and shared almost all my time with them.
I searched for photos of my parents in the past and took pictures where my dead grandparents lived.
It was a kind of spatiotemporal movement to connect the present and the past.

It seems that I have returned to my hometown.
There were memories full of love and sadness.
My father said, "This year's cherry blossoms don't look beautiful at all."
I couldn't help feeling the death from the scattered cherry blossoms.
It reminded me of war I didn't know.
Cherry blossoms are drawn on the fighters / the military song says,
"Since we are flowers, we are doomed to fall. Let us fall magnificently for the country."
My grandfather went to the Pacific War.
He came back and gave birth to the daughter who gave birth to me.
I think it's a miracle.
There are countless reasons why I wasn't born here.


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