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Eshgh, Tars, Azadi (Love, Fear, Freedom)
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Eshgh, Tars, Azadi (Love, Fear, Freedom)
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Updated 08/09/21
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Eshgh, Tars, Azadi (Love, Fear, Freedom)

by Ashkan Shabani

In post-revolutionary Iran, any type of sexual activity outside a heterosexual marriage is forbidden and homosexual sex is punishable by death based on laws of Sharia. As a result, gay men and women live with systematic suppression, discrimination, family rejection, and judicial problems. Despite this, under the skin of Tehran and many other cities, homosexuals find ways to overcome these restrictions so they can pursue love, life, and a future that recognizes their existence.

Eshgh, Tars, Azadi (Love, Fear, Freedom) follows five Iranian gays’ daily lives. The photographer is part of the LGBTQ+ community himself, has been disowned by his family, and threatened with rape and death. He is able to reveal a world unknown to many because he is living through the trauma as he documents his own experience.

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