Natalija Gormalova

Photographer & Filmmaker
Planned Parenthood at the Cashew Factory
Location: Ghana
Biography: Natalija Gormalova (Latvia, 1987) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Accra, Ghana. At the age of 17 she moved to London where she studied Photography at the LCC and later received scholarship to study Masters in   Photography at the... read on
Public Story
Planned Parenthood at the Cashew Factory
Credits: natalija gormalova
Updated: 04/03/20
Ghana, a West African nation of about 30 million people, has deep-rooted cultural norms, and structural barriers that perpetuate poor sexual and reproductive health. Access to sexual and reproductive health education and services are often a contentious issue. Ghana has high risks of maternal mortality, high numbers of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and low levels of contraceptive use.
Factory workers at Mim Cashew, in a small town in rural Ghana, are taking their reproductive health choices into their own hands, thanks to a three-year project rolled out by Planned Parenthood Association Ghana (PPAG) along with the Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA).
The project, supported by private funding, targets factory workers as well as residents in the township of about 30, 000, where the factory is located. Under the project, health clinic staff through Mim have been supported to provide comprehensive abortion care, a range of different contraception and STI treatments as well as information and education.
In the factory, there is a strong focus on SRHR trained peer educators delivering information to their colleagues. “There are so many problems in town, notable among them, teenage pregnancies and drug abuse,” Dorcas Amakyewaa says, reflecting on her community in Mim, In 2018, Dorcas Amakyewaa was offered a way to help address these issues in Mim, through a sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) project brought to both the cashew factory and the surrounding community.
Story for IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Association) Words by Stacey Knott

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