Natalija Gormalova

Photographer & Filmmaker
Spirits We Dance
Location: Ghana
Biography: Natalija Gormalova (Latvia, 1987) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Accra, Ghana. At the age of 17 she moved to London where she studied Photography at the LCC and later received scholarship to study Masters in   Photography at the... read on
Public Story
Spirits We Dance
Spirits We Dance is a poetic journey of two contemporary dancers as they show us what life is like being a disabled dancer in a harsh, urban landscape of Accra. In a tale of friendship between Afriyie and Alfred and a tale of love between a mother and daughter, Spirits We Dance takes viewers into an imaginative and surreal mindscape. A world sublime and yet childlike in its beauty, it is created by the characters to escape the pain of reality. Connecting with their spiritual side when they dance, they are free from the restrictions their bodies and society impose. Challenging the idea that spirits are evil and menacing, two dancers find freedom when they leave reality behind and connect with the spirits of dance.

Starring: Afriyie Allen Anim, Alfred Quarshie & Gerda Frimpomaa Boateng
Written & Directed by Natalija Gormalova
Produced by: HI-LIFE STUDIOS
DOP: Apag Annankra
Sound Design/Music: Obed Otchere
Editor: Mortinno Morton

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