Satita Taratis

Life - Rights - Indigenous Peoples
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Nationality: Thai
Biography: Satita Taratis was born in 1993 in Bangkok, Thailand, and graduated in Applied Computer Science - Multimedia. Since her college days, she liked to spend her free time trekking and learning the way of life of Karen people, an ethnic minority group... MORE
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Life - Rights - Indigenous Peoples
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Date of Work Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Updated Sep 2022
"Life - Rights - Indigenous Peoples" A Photo Series

It is introducing the communities of Thailand's indigenous peoples who are confronting climate change that they did not cause, for instance . . .

The Salween River flows through the border between Thailand and Myanmar in Tha Ta Fang Village, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province. This river continues to flow freely from the Himalayas. However, it is unknown whether, in the future, a vast dam project will obstruct the flow of this river. If this occurs, it will be catastrophic for the animals and plants of the Salween Basin.

If the dam is successfully constructed, The modification would be identical to the current Mekong River. We have gained significant knowledge. However, humans continue to evolve, ignoring the deteriorating environment.

Huai Makok Village, Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son Province, appears in the second group.

There was still an unbroken trove of riches buried beneath this settlement. If the mines resumed, concessions would be made to the thriving fluorite mining town of 30 years ago. Chemicals from the washing of minerals have polluted the waterways people rely on for sustenance. The vegetables and herbs collected by the people for dinner cannot be consumed again. Due to the explosion, the morning mist became dust. From the tranquil woodland, a modest industrial estate will emerge. Where will the future go? We can decide . . .

In these two villages, for instance, residents must battle for equal human rights or, at the very least, for clean land, water, and air if these systems are broken. The dwelling where people have resided for hundreds of thousands of years on this mountain range of Thanon Thongchai. The lost nature cannot be replaced. Beyond this reality, the sixth extinction of species continues.
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Life - Rights - Indigenous Peoples by Satita Taratis
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