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Location: 47620
Nationality: American
Biography:   I am an American photographer, currently living in the United States.  I find it  hard to classify myself. We can take photography in so many different directions these days. I like to wander through all kinds of different... read on
Survivors Project Updated with Two New Subjects
michael webster
Jul 5, 2016
I added two new stories to my Survivors Project. It works like ths: After a long discussion in which she details what she's been, and usually is going through, each subject comes up with the photo idea that she thinks will best represent her story. I then write up what she told me in the interview. With both the photo idea and the written story, I try to stay as much out of the way as possible, letting it be the subject's story, not mine. 

This is unquestionably the most difficult work I've done, both emotionally and technically. Most of the stories are, at least in part, harrowing. Some of the photo ideas have required me to learn new skills or raise the level of  my existing ones. But so far, it's been a great experience for me, and more importantly, for most of the subjects. And there are, hopefully, some exciting new stories to come that I can't yet show, and am not ready to talk about. As difficult as it is for me, it's infinitely more difficult for the survivors. I encourange them to back out at any time if they feel uncomfortable, and many of them do. 

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