Michael Webster

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Location: 47620
Nationality: American
Biography:   I am an American photographer, currently living in the United States.  I find it  hard to classify myself. We can take photography in so many different directions these days. I like to wander through all kinds of different... read on
Middle Passage
michael webster
Aug 16, 2016
I've struggle for a long time to put this essay together in a way that I felt properly honored the spirit of the event and its participants. It was tough because I shot it over 10 or more years with four or five different cameras. As the years progressed, I gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for what I was seeing, and tried a variety of strategies for capturing those sights, but I was never able to get the essay right. The other day I was again reminded of the event, and the promises I had made to many of the people I photographed, so I took another whack at telling the story. It now works for me, representing what I saw over all those years. I hope I've been able to, at least somewhat, communicate to others how beauty, historic importance and depth of meaning that  the annual Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage radiates. 

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