Jacky Muniello

Documentary Photographer and video journalist
Location: Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Jacky Muniello is a documentary photographer and Mexican photojournalist. In 2010, he found photography with a Diploma in Visual Arts Academy (aavi). Later, he studied photojournalism and documentary photography workshops. His work has focused on... read on
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Updated 05/27/21
Many cultures believe that human beings have a third eye. Some call it the pineal gland and believe it allows us to perceive beyond obvious reality. For me, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, that “organ” is the photographic lens. In a news cycle that overwhelms us with the number of infections and deaths, the pandemic has a quantitative identity that makes us classify it as an extremely serious threat to public health and the economy. However, as communicators and society members, we must look beyond hard data and government reports. Around us, we observe situations where it is difficult to tell whether people are dying of poverty, unemployment, hunger, or the disease. Because of this, my third eye has sharpened and widened my visual field. I am aware and intent using images to observe the environment we share. The blink of the lens is not a condemnation – it is an invitation to reflect on that which cannot be quantified.

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