Paolo Munari Mandelli

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Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Let me present myself. I was born in Bologna, in 1983 since I was a child I've always love red a book like a photography book, and bibliography book. Professional storytelling photographer. Only many years later I discovered my passion for... read on
Private Project
Aussie Mood
Credits: paolo munari mandelli
Date of Work: 05/01/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/26/18
Location: Sydney

Aussie Mood.

Alike many cities of the world, also Sydney has its shades, contrast and colours. Sydney is a particular city, its running very fast as like as its change every day. What about the people that live and work every day inside the city? Is it such a sad sign that they do not care what is happening around them. Indeed, they do not pay attention, are just only concentrated on their lives into the digital era. As ghosts, they are walking on the road. The rest does not exist.

Aussie Mood. Wants to represent the contrast of the people that live in the city and their behaviour. The incredible concentration of people use a smartphone in Sydney, is something unimaginable. Spent a couple of months, to study and to observe them during their daily life, up and down on Sydney's streets and notice, how many times people pass with its smartphone, in his or her hand, I thought. How is disconcerting all of it?  The technology, it should help us; instead, it can transform a person into a kind of ghost, is shocking. Is like kill someone so slowly.