Nicola Muirhead

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Location: London, United Kingdom
Nationality: Bermudian
Biography: Nicola Muirhead is a Bermudian portrait photographer and visual storyteller, specialising in social long-form documentaries and portraiture. Her major projects have focused on themes related to identity and place, and how they are impacted and... read on
In Brutal Presence
nicola muirhead
Dec 4, 2018
My ongoing series - In Brutal Presence  - has been published with The GroundTruth Project.
 In brutal presence | The GroundTruth Project
The title ” In Brutal Presence”  has multiple references. The term ‘Brutal’ refers to the brutalist architecture of Trellick Tower and Grenfell Tower. Brutalist architecture harks back to Post War Britain and the socialist ideals of...

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