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Rana Plaza
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Location: New York
Nationality: Greek
Biography: Marilena Stavrakidis is a Greek multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on sociopolitical issues. Stavrakidis has been awarded the Anthony M. Ruotolo Photojournalism award from the Imaging Alliance Foundation in 2016. She has also been... MORE
Public Story
Rana Plaza
Copyright Marilena Stavrakidi 2022
Date of Work Mar 2014 - Aug 2014
Updated Mar 2018
Location New York
Topics collage

Rana Plaza was an eight-story commercial building which collapsed on April 25th, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when a structural failure occurred.

The building's owners had ignored warnings to avoid using the building when cracks appeared the day before. Garment workers were ordered to return to work, and the building collapsed during the morning rush-hour. 

It is widely considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history. 1,130 workers perished in the collapse.

Rana Plaza is a photomontage of the collapsed building interwoven with images of the fashion houses who hired the garment factory to produce their wares. The factory was producing apparel for many well-known “fast” fashion houses, such as H&M, JCPenney’s, Calvin Klein etc. The images commingle and juxtapose the collapsed building with the advertising campaigns run by the fashion houses at that time.

The project aims to disclose the true costs of the insatiable demand for fast fashion in the West while at the same time commemorating the garment workers who lost their lives that day.

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Rana Plaza by Marilena Stavrakidi
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