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Idle Days
Location: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Marcio Pimenta is a photographer, explorer and visual storyteller who focuses on human, sociocultural issues, identity and climate change. Based in the South of Brazil. His work has been featured in multiple print and online publications... MORE
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Idle Days
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Updated Jul 2021
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Since the death of God, Humanity has been dedicated to finding a meaning whose roots are not in any cosmic plane. Humanism would make sense not only to Humanity but to the entire Universe. Create meaning for a meaningless world.

That was the last argument necessary for Man to definitively separate himself from the environment. Isolated and above all living beings, a new deity, Homo Deus, with free will as its greatest strength for the pursuit of eternal happiness. There is not a single piece of land on the planet that is not under human condition.

The COVID-19 pandemic - the result of human activity on the environment - once again separated, from the perspective of evolutionary humanism, those who better understand what is happening from those who will miss the train of history. As with other revolutions, societies that best know what is happening will survive.

Idle Days is a project that records the results of this eternal wait for prosperity based on a supposed free will under the cosmos in which we live. Any choice has become justifiable if it is in search of human completion, regardless of whether these actions are connected with a web of life that surrounds us. We live in a situation of idleness of humanity, where we just pretend we don't see the domino effect we are causing, putting ourselves in the place of a divinity that can act from any desire.

"We are alienating ourselves from this organism of which we are part, the Earth, and we started to think that it is one thing and we are another: the Earth and humanity. I don't understand where there is anything that is not nature. Everything is nature.", says the writer Ailton Krenak. He also warns that "we need to stop looking at the world as a supermarket." Idle days intends to rescue this human gaze that only sees itself and its wills, forcing us to see what is being provoked and, who knows, to integrate "the ecology of knowledge in the daily experience, to inspire our choices about the place where we want to live and ours experience as a community" as Boaventura de Sousa Santos says.

We are not alone, we are not the only beings on this planet. Human vanity is costly and destroys the respect we have for other lives. Idle Days is about the coexistence of humanity and nature, and a desire to reintegrate these two halves back into the living organism that is the world.
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Idle Days by Marcio Pimenta
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