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Freelancer photographer. Contributor at National Geographic, The Guardian, Rolling Stone.
A sad day for Samba
Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Marcio Pimenta is a freelance photographer and journalist based in the South of Brazil. His work was featured in National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and El País. He has received numerous awards for his... read on
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A sad day for Samba
marcio pimenta
Apr 1, 2020
A sad day for samba. One of the icons of samba in Brazil, the singer and composer from Bahia Riachão died on Monday (30), at 98 years of age. In 2016, during a trip to Salvador, Bahia, I had the opportunity to meet Riachão at his home. We spent an entire morning talking about his greatest passions: life, samba, women and their families. Riachão wrote and sang classics like "Cada Macaco no Seu Galho", ruled by Gilberto Gil and "Vá Morar Com o Diabo", re-recorded by Cássia Eller, planned to release an album later this year with the title "Se Deus Quiser Eu Vou Chegar aos 100 anos" ("If God Wants I Will Reach 100 Years”)

Morre Riachão, pilar do samba brasileiro, aos 98 anos
Autor de clássicos como ‘Cada Macaco no Seu Galho’ e ‘Vá Morar Com o Diabo’, músico morreu enquanto dormia, em Salvador. Pretendia lançar novo disco neste ano


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