Rebecca Moseman

Into The Moon's Room
Location: Virginia
Nationality: USA
Biography: Virginia native Rebecca Moseman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1997 and her Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001. She has worked in academia, private industry, and... read on
Public Story
Into The Moon's Room
Credits: rebecca moseman
Updated: 02/26/20
"Oh, to go where the clouds sleep, where the moons dance, and the stars weep. I went into the moon's room, zoom. There were starts in his closet and clouds in his bed, and lying in the corner a black bird with her feathery black head."

A boy's honor and oath to his deceased aunt, to carry on the story they created and threaded together about a black bird and the moo

By Rebecca Moseman —


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