Stacy Renee Morrison

Artist, Photographer, 19th Century Detective
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Stacy Renee Morrison often forgets what century it is.  She finds herself haunted by woman who lived their own lives well before her own. They will not let her go nor will she let herself go. These women of the past might be seen as an... read on
The Maid's Story
stacy renee morrison
Oct 31, 2019
I am so pleased to have made a photograph to illustrate the compelling fiction piece by Adam O'Fallon Price in Harper's Magazine.  I very special thank you to Kathryn Humphries for thinking of me for this story.

[Story] The Maid's Story, by Adam O'Fallon Price | Harper's Magazine
The Gersons were a fairly unexceptional family. The maid had idly observed them upon their arrival at the Hotel Neversink as she vacuumed the length of the third-floor hallway. The father seemed like a type: late forties, slightly stooped by the...


By Stacy Renee Morrison —

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