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Monica Silva

My Hidden Ego
Location: Milano
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Monica Silva is a brazilian self taught photographer. Her first steps into photography happened in a very young age, shooting with polaroids and instamatics cameras. Keen of experiments in photography and specially on staged psychology... read on
Public Story
My Hidden Ego
Credits: monica silva
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 02/13/20
Location: Bologna, Italy
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Monica Silva, a photographer who colors people' souls.

"My Hidden Ego". A project ,  a challenge: it's been selected more than thirty characters, friends, famous or strangers, stopping them on the street or in a store, looking among relatives or business contacts, to convince them all, to look inward, in a psychological approach.

It wasn't difficult to convince some people to have their 15 minutes of fame as Warhol's statement years ago , some because they believed in the project or some for just curiosity, but what is certain is that each of them has left a small part of themselves in this project.

In the book "forms of chaos" by Ferdinando Scianna, Montalban says: "The writer thinks and writes. A photographer thinks as photographer and so each photo is a thought." In the introduction to Monica Silva's work, it becomes a paraphrase: "The writer thinks and writes. A photographer feels as photographer and so each photo has a sentimental connection with those in front of the camera."

But Monica does not just empathize with her subjects, to unfold the unwritten pages of their lives. She is a professional and creative, fine detailer, thirsty eager for historical tools, objects created ad hoc capable of arousing romantic feelings, as for "La belle dame sans Merci" - the lady who does not have compassion made you a slave - which she inspired for one of the portraits, in which she succeeded in binding the hard surface and femininity side of that subject, or as for the first blonde geisha in the Western world, Nicoletta Mantovani.

Monica's pictures are works of color who do not stop to describe the bare reality: they create visual suggestions detaching from the physical to the psychological approach. In contrast to an era where images appear dull, dark, desaturated, she knows that color is a primitive energy and use it freely to tell a world she dreams of, halfway between utopia and beauty. By Laura Bessega


"MyHidden Ego"

Photo project by Monica Silva

Palazzo Picchi Sforza - San Sepolcro 8 April - 15 June 2011


The project "My Hidden Ego" aims to reveal the secret part of each of us, the one that is hidden to the most and perhaps even to ourselves. A personality freed from the social context. For the photographer Monica Silva, attentive observer of the present, the singularities of the people represent an explosive potential in the photographic field and have the duty to erase this modern tendency to feel all young and equal. Capturing the soul of those photographed and succeed in shaping the subject to bring out another "Me" is a gift as well as the dream of every photographer.

Monica Silva does this by presenting a series of innovative projects of which "My Hidden Ego" represents the beginning, susceptible of new enrichments and reflections.

The project is developed in a series of 30 images depicting 15 subjects of nationality, characteristics and of very different social extraction.

These are men and women placed on a white background, taken in two different half-length versions, in the studio, with a camera on tripod.

The first image portrays the social ego, that is, how one presents himself to the judgment of others and the second one reveals another self, what one has inside, a different personality or even the desire to be somebody else.

Two shots: one for the reality in progress and one for the potential of being.

The innovative part of the project consists in direct interaction with the public as if it were the spectator himself to make the subjects "ego" appear.

A series of interactive video installations by Deep (Gianluca Macaluso and Pachi Belmonte) will complement the set-up. Some of the shots taken will be projected onto the walls. As the visitor approaches, a presence sensor will activate the video installation. The projected image, through for example simulations of physical corrosion phenomena, of a material by an acid or of fluid mechanics, or through the generation of moving graphic patterns, will gradually reveal one's "hidden ego", one's visual alter ego. All projections will be accompanied by sound effects.

The photographs size of 150 x 100 cm and is printed on Hannemule fineArt color cotton paper.

The project was  produced by the prestigious Tuscan agency Treffoloni & Associati.

Technical Sponsors: Hasselblad & Profoto 

Bologna, 9 Febbraio 2011

“L'io dentro me” 

Progetto fotografico di Monica Silva 

Palazzo Picchi Sforza - San Sepolcro 8 Aprile - 15 Giugno 2011

Il progetto “L'io dentro me” si propone di rivelare la parte segreta di ciascuno di noi, quella che si cela ai più e forse anche a se stessi. Una personalità liberata dal contesto sociale. Per la fotografa Monica Silva, attenta osservatrice del presente, le singolarità delle persone rappresentano un potenziale esplosivo in ambito fotografico e hanno il dovere di annullare questa tendenza moderna a sentirsi tutti giovani e uguali. Cogliere l'anima di chi si ritrae e riuscire a plasmare il soggetto per far emergere un "altro io" è un dono nonché il sogno di ogni fotografo.

Monica Silva lo fa presentando un ciclo di progetti innovativi di cui "L'io dentro me" rappresenta l'inizio, suscettibile di nuovi arricchimenti e riflessioni.

Il progetto si sviluppa in una serie di 30 immagini ritraenti 15 soggetti di nazionalità, caratteristiche e lineamenti molto diversi tra loro.

Si tratta di uomini e donne posti su uno sfondo bianco, ripresi in due distinte versioni a mezzo busto, in studio, con macchina fissa. 

Una foto ritrae l'io sociale, ovvero come ci si presenta al giudizio altrui e una rivela un altro io, ciò che si è dentro, una personalità differente o anche solo il desiderio di essere altro.

Due scatti: uno per la realtà in atto e uno per il potenziale in essere.

La parte innovativa del progetto consiste nella diretta interazione con il pubblico come se fosse lo spettatore stesso a far apparire "l'io dentro me" dei soggetti.

Una serie di videoinstallazioni interattive di Deep (Gianluca Macaluso e Pachi Belmonte) integreranno l'allestimento. Verranno proiettati sulle pareti alcuni degli scatti realizzati. All'avvicinarsi del visitatore un sensore di presenza attiverà la videoinstallazione. L'immagine proiettata, tramite ad esempio simulazioni di fenomeni fisici di corrosione, di un materiale da parte di un acido o di meccanica dei fluidi, oppure attraverso la generazione di pattern grafici in movimento, rivelerà gradatamente il suo "io nascosto", il suo alter ego visivo. Tutte le proiezioni saranno corredate di effetti sonori. 

Le fotografie avranno dimensione di 150 x100 cm e verranno stampate su carta cotone Hannemule fineArt a colori.

Organizzatrice dell'evento è la prestigiosa agenzia toscana TREFFOLONI & ASSOCIATI.


Technical Sponsors: Hasselblad & Profoto 


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