Monica Silva

Location: Milano
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Monica Silva is a brazilian self taught photographer. Her first steps into photography happened in a very young age, shooting with polaroids and instamatics cameras. Keen of experiments in photography and specially on staged psychology... read on
Public Story
Credits: monica silva
Updated: 01/13/19
Location: Milan, Italy
Advert Campaign for EICMA 2016. Concept by LeftLoft agency shot by Monica Silva. 
EICMA is the biggest motorcycling exhibition fair in the world. The 2016 campaign aims to open the world of motorcycling to everyone and not only to those who has used a moto for a lifetime. The idea is to suggest a choice to join motocicling as a way of life, as an alternative for the everyday traffic jam, giving personal freedom. 
Interesting point of view for the campaign is the woman driving a big motorcycle and a couple of young guys on a motoscooter changing the clichè of a traditional couple for two guys driving away in a city. The head claim is "Motorcicles never seen before" is also an invitation to the public to see all the new proposals and technology moving to the future.


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