Monica Silva

Location: Milano
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Monica Silva is a brazilian self taught photographer. Her first steps into photography happened in a very young age, shooting with polaroids and instamatics cameras. Keen of experiments in photography and specially on staged psychology... read on
A portrait is a challenge
Mar 29, 2019
Location: Milano, Italy
"To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill.
To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." SUN TZU

They come discreetly to you saying: "You have 3 minutes to photograph him."
Three minutes?! Is it enough to tell someone' story? Maybe not, but I'll make it become enough! So I grab my camera, look around for the best light spot, because an occasion like that always happen when you don't have your proper light gear, right? And I wait and pray for the universe to help me to  get a good shot of him.
That him I am talking about is  Luciano Fontana, Corriere della Sera' director, a journalist, and a very easy going person.
Oh, yes! A portrait is a challenge but I feel I'm a winner, because I like Mr. Fontana's portrait.

#portraiture #corsera #corrieredellasera #lucianofontana #milano #italy

By Monica Silva —

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