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Location: Vinezac, France
Nationality: German
Biography: Matthias Koch  ( is an artist and photographer originally from Germany. He lived and worked in Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and France and currently established his basecamp in the South of France. He has no special... read on
Leaving Home
matthias koch
Sep 18, 2018
Location: Paris
A story a lot of families have to go through. One day it just becomes impossible to continue to stay at home. It is the memory. We do not live any more in the same time. Taking care becomes a burden. One day much to difficult. Leaving home, the only exit.

In 2015, there were approximately 48 million people worldwide with AD. It most often begins in people over 65 years of age, although 4% to 5% of cases are early-onset Alzheimer’s which begin before this. It affects about 6% of people 65 years and older.

Matthias Koch documents in this short photo essay the very painful moment when his father in law had to move to a retirement home for people affected by Alzheimer, leaving the house in his home village in France where he had spent 87 years.

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Une histoire qui concerne beaucoup de famille. Un jour, il n'est plus possible de rester plus longtemps à la maison. C'est la mémoire. Nous ne vivons plus dans le même temps. Prendre soin devient une charge. Un jour trop lourd. Partir de la maison, la seule issue. Alzheimer.
Eine Geschichte die viele Familien betrifft. Eines Tages wird es unmöglich länger zu Hause zu bleiben. Es is das Gedächtnis. Wir leben nicht mehr in der selben Zeit. Das Sorgen wird zur Last. Eines Tages zu schwer. Der Abschied von zu Hause, es gibt keine andere Lösung. Alzheimer. 

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