Matthias Koch

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Location: Vinezac, France
Nationality: German
Biography: Matthias Koch  ( is an artist and photographer originally from Germany. He lived and worked in Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and France and currently established his basecamp in the South of France. He has no special... read on
matthias koch
Sep 19, 2018

The project Eschaton was recently completely revised and resulted from the fusion of the two series Eschatology and Cimarron. Eschatology, description of a pre-apocalyptic end time and Cimarron, the attempt to illustrate an ontological escape in this end time. Work on both series began in 2016, the entire project was presented for the first time during the Cultural Summer of Hesse (Germany) in August 2018 and projected at the Hidden Stage Festival.

The whole project can be seen on my website .


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