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Location: Vinezac, France
Nationality: German
Biography: Matthias Koch  ( is an artist and photographer originally from Germany. He lived and worked in Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and France and currently established his basecamp in the South of France. He has no special... read on
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matthias koch
Oct 5, 2017
Photography is for me a tool to explore reality, to make seen the unseen, to capture the moment, to pay attention, to be in the present. It is a way of being.
Of course you do not need a camera to be in the here and now, but it allows you to fix the moments, to reorder them and to create a new visual reality which expresses your inner world.

Matthias Koch PhotographyHaving a philosophical background I use photography also to investigate concepts like impermanence, the relation between human beings and time, to take and give a look behind the curtain of the perceived reality.

Sergei Eisenstein probably inspired my photography. Not so much for the framing and style but for the editing and storytelling. And of course all Provoke photographers, but also Petersen. Apart from other artists and photographers, philosophers like Günther Anders also have an important impact on my work.

A picture should be like an Haiku, straight to the essence, essential, colour most often leads to distraction. Saying this I am not dogmatic concerning the choice of black and white for most of my works. I am doing also some research on color but i must admit that till now I am always coming back to my roots, black and white !

I always take pictures of everything that interests me, of what surrounds me, of what calls my attention, without a project in mind. Often some pictures only come to the surface of consciousness after years, like flotsam, which suddenly lies on the beach one morning. It starts with two or three images, the first islands of an archipelago that occupies its place in my mental geography, a new project is born !

Honestly I do not know where my photography is going. I take pictures when I think I need to take them. So projects start in a very instinctive and unconscious way. My photography reflects my personal relationship to others but also my spiritual relationship to the cosmos.

So to make it short, my photography will go there where I will go.

Matthias Koch Photography

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