mitsu maeda

Location: Kochi, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Biography: Mitsu Maeda (1984) is a documentary photographer currently based in Kochi, in Shikoku island of Japan.  She has been covering stories mainly in South East Asia, Americas, and Japan.  While making documentary works, she also receives... MORE
"My Recollections" went to Guizhou, China
mitsu maeda
Aug 2, 2015

"My Recollections" was part of a night slideshow at Guizhou Photo Festival, China. 

In the series, my grandmother living with dementia appears a lot. She is 96 years old, and I go to see her  quite often with my mother.

The series has been slideshowed a few times in the past photo festivals including Angkor, Braga, Kobe and so on, but since it is an ongoing project, it has been updated. I just went to see her even today, and we had some conversation. I sometimes take notes of what she says, as her words are sometimes very unique and even philosophical to me. 

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mitsu maeda

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mitsu maeda

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mitsu maeda
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mitsu maeda

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mitsu maeda
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