Misper Apawu

Flintlock 2023
Location: Accra, Ghana
Nationality: Ghanaian
Biography: Misper Apawu is a freelance photographer based in Accra, Ghana. Her work focuses on social issues, particularly her interest in telling impactful stories about women, sports, and the environment. She is a member of African women's photographs... MORE
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Flintlock 2023
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Updated Mar 2023
Location Ghana

As extremist violence in West Africa's Sahel region spreads south toward coastal states, the United States military has launched its annual military training exercise which will help armies contain the jihadi threat. Soldiers from several African countries are being trained in counter-insurgency tactics as part of the annual U.S.-led exercise known as Flintlock.

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Misper Apawu
Flintlock 2023 by Misper Apawu
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