Martin Miklas

Photographer, Visual Storyteller, Time-lapser / Based in Lisbon/Portugal & Bratislava/Slovakia

Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist, Reporter, Documentary, News, Photography, Portraiture, VR, International News, Freelance, Civil Rights and Social Inequality, Life, Creative Professional, Education, Multimedia Journalist, Magazine, Editorial, Newspapers, Editing, Storyteller, News Reporter, Sports Journalism, Political Journalism, Arts Journalism, Digital Journalism, Print Journalism, Race, Community, Outdoor adventure, Wedding, Wedding Photographer, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Landscape, Celebrity
Skills: Image Archiving, Digital Printing, Lighting Tech, Cataloging, Color Correction, Book Layout/Design, Photo Editing, Black & White Printing, Color Printing, Mixed Media, Print Making, Branding, Photojournalism, Print Design, Retouching, Film Photography, Associate, Arts Journalism, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop
Clients: TASR - The News Agency of the Slovak Republic SITA Slovak News Agency .tyzden