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Love, War, and the Frontiers Between

As conflict continues to terrorize the Balkan-Slavic heartlands of Ukraine, one must ponder the tempestuous nature of the wayward leader responsible.

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya met Vladimir Putin in 1984 at a Leningrad performance by Arkady Raikin, Soviet actor and director. They married shortly after and within a few years, Lyudmila, Vladimir, Katerina, and Maria found themselves happily in the hands of God, supported by master linguist Lyudmila’s career in German language education and Vladimir’s KGB-and Boris Yeltzen-backed legacy in foreign intelligence and politics. 

Three years of work for the former president of Russia, and the Putin family would find itself rising to the front pages of history by inheriting a most sacred responsibility: the ministership and presidency of Russia, an ancient land of faith and wonder with deep proto-Aryan roots.

No director could have filmed a more perfect drama. And dramatic the tale turns indeed, for only 15 years of power and adoration was enough to tear the patriarch of the Putin clan from his sacred oath of fidelity to Lyudmila. 1999 saw him elected, and 2014 saw their marriage defeated.

2014 is the same year that the Putin administration first staged their forces in Crimea. Indeed, the divorce between Vladimir and Lyudmila was finalized in the same lunar cycle that the global Russian terrorist act was seeded, with Vlad turning his back on love and his eye toward conquest.

As Lyudmila and Vladimir grew apart, Vladimir’s forces drew near to Ukraine, ancient neighbor of Russia and their gateway to the greater Transilvan wilds and lands beyond. This land, however, is more than just expansionary wilds waiting to be tamed by the overreaching hand of man. The legacy of Kyiv must be respected, from humblest founding by the three prophets that were first guided to the land, through centuries of conflict with Arabic and Siberian neighbor alike, to the current legacy of defiance that has allowed Ukraine to remain hopeful and resolute in the face of adversity.

For over one thousand years the capital city of Kyiv has been blessed by ancient temples, first built in accordance with the prophesies that led the three brothers to found the ancient city. The three walls, three gates, and three hills that inform the city architecture are adorned all over by dozens of cathedrals, monasteries, churches, and chapels.

You can see these in our recent documentary, Crooked Crosses, linked below for your viewing pleasure.

Tragically, the people and landmarks you witness in this film may be gone by the time you view, for a most curious weather pattern storms diligently above Ukraine: Russian bombs of various sizes and with various targets, all sharing one intention: an errant desire to injure.

Surely this dark desire could not be birthed from the heart of a man who dutifully served as lover and patriarch of his family for nearly 30 years, who continues to serve his people as President, and who has devotedly protected the rights of the Russian Orthodox Church throughout the lengthy term of his administration.

One has to ponder the possibility of larger forces at play, recognize the congruence in dates between the divorce and the primary invasion procedures, pray for the enlightenment of Vladimir, and strive to never be as susceptible to the allure of power unrestrained.

As the war storms in Vladimir’s heart, mirrored by the blood-soaked battlefields of Ukrainian heartland, the people of Ukraine must remain stoic through this tragedy as they stood against and through the Holodomor, and as they will stand for another thousand years and beyond. Else, how can Humana ever hope to reach the stars, when our own fields are watered still by the blood of the innocent?

Did the Putin divorce and the invasion of Ukraine have more to do with each other than we realize?

Why has the Russian Orthodox Church failed to intervene with divine judgement? Surely a formal condemnation is at hand?

How much longer will this damned war rage on?

There is a lesson that should be highlighted here: let not the canopy’s reach test the firmness of the root, for a tree unplanted is as dead as roots unnourished. 

Power, nor any other force in creation, can ever be permitted to overcome the foundation of love.

FILM: Love, War
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FILM: Love, War by Michelangelo Medina FILM: Love, War by Michelangelo Medina FILM: Love, War by Michelangelo Medina