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Magic Play of Light
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Nguyen via Visura
Asset ID: VA83045
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Nguyen, 2022
Collection: art Feature
Location: Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Europe
Topics: art Backgrounds Essays Feature Forms Geometries Geometry Illustrations Lines Patterns Perspectives Photography Shapes Strips Structures Textures

Michael Nguyen

Based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul. “With my camera I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday...
Also by Michael Nguyen —
Ulm, Germany 
#  3736
Light falls on a Shopping Mall Facade.
Ulm, Germany
# 3709
Reflections and light plays in the staircase to a platform in Ulm station.
Munich, Germany 
# 3730
The windows in the patient room of a hospital are closed with blinds. A nurse holds a wall clock up with one arm to hang it on the wall. Her body with the clock casts a shadow to the left. Light shows on a wardrobe to the right and left over her shadow. There are also elongated ones on her back that look like the scan of an AI.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
# 3628
Play of light on the facade of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the concert hall in the city of Luxembourg, which was built from 2002 to 2005 in the Kirchberg district at the Place de l'Europe. The architect is Christian de Portzamparc. The white main building has the shape of an eye in the ground plan. The facade of steel and glass is visually dominated by 823 white columns with a height of 20 meters and a diameter of 30 centimeters.
Rothenburg o.d Tauber, Germany 
# 3712
Light plays in the form of two swords in the windows of a store. They come out of the darkness, nor is the environment blurred.
Cologne, Germany 
# 3471
Light play on a modern house facade.
Memmingen, Germany 
# 3716
On the stairs of a cellar entrance a powerful light play. A white dove sits next to the light play.
Aalen, Germany
# 3548
Light plays and shadows cast on the outer facade of an underground parking garage.
Munich, Germany
# 3720
A tree casts its shadow into a square play of light, creating a new window in the facade of the house.
Munich, Germany 
# 3719
Light play over the shadow cast by a stair railing in an underpass at a train station.
Düsseldorf, Germany 
# 3452
A woman with her walker passes on May 24, 2022 the entrance to the bike station of the HSD University in Düsseldorf, which is built entirely of wood for 135 bicycles. In the front light plays of the wooden columns on the asphalt floor.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3354
The courtyard of Leipzig University. Light plays on the wall.
Aalen, Germany
# 3552
Light plays on an orange exterior facade of an office building.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3231
Play of light on a wall where there is an old street lamp with a no parking sign.
Leipzig, Germany
# 3198
A lady carrying a red shopping bag walks quickly across a light play of lattice windows on the sidewalk near St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.
Munich, Germany
# 3158
Light plays on the floor and on a pillar in the garden of the Lenbachhaus in Munich.
Munich, Germany 
# 372 1
Light plays on the side wall of a trailer.
Munich, Germany
# 3175
In an interior room on a parquet floor, the reflection of a large window divided several times. In the foreground a play of light, in the middle of which is the shadow of the center wood of the window.
Munich (Nordhaide), Germany
# 3101
Part of the facade of a shopping mall consists of aluminum panels in which the environment is reflected. The panels cast unsettled light plays on the asphalt of the sidewalk.
Ingolstadt, Germany
# 2460
Light plays in pairs, looking like bones, on a house wall with numerous windows.
Garching, Germany
# 1396
Moonlight is actually sunlight reflected from the moon's surface. The light in this picture (which was taken at the Campus Garching) is in fact sunlight of a late winter afternoon. But somehow it is cool and gentle like moonlight. It shines through a moon-shaped hole, paints the walls with its soft glowing silver-white, renders the tree silhouette-ghostly, and lights up the forbidden stairway to an unknown place.