Michael Nguyen

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Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Nationality: german
Biography: Most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul. “With my camera I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday life. I also... MORE
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Exhibition report in the Münchner Merkur (print & online)
michael nguyen
Mar 12, 2022
Roadside encounters: photo exhibition at Bosco
Gauting-based photo poet Michael Nguyen has captured the great emptiness of the pandemic and much more. His pictures are now on display at Bosco.
Empty rows of seats with a lonely man on the edge at the Bregenz Festival, the dreary image of Rosenheim railway station lying there as if deserted, or the snapshot of Gauting's open-air swimming pool at the end of the season - the diving tower is reflected in the still clear pool water with the first autumn leaves. These pictures were taken by the Gauting photo poet and Klinge Prize winner Michael Nguyen. They can be seen at the Bosco in the exhibition "By the Roadside" until 14 May.

Written by Christine Cless-Wesle:
German (Münchner Merkur)
English (The Limited Times)

Begegnungen am Straßenrand: Fotoausstellung im Bosco
Die große Menschenleere in der Pandemie und noch viel mehr hat der Gautinger Foto-Poet Michael Nguyen eingefangen. Seine Bilder sind nun im Bosco zu sehen.

Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside
Exhibition at bosco / Gauting, Germany

Read also the report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung
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All About Photo: Exclusive Interview with Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen / Munich, Germany, Europe
Events Media

ADF Web Magazine Tokyo - Exhibition Report: “In the Realm of Reflections and Lights” by Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen / Tokyo, Japan


Michael Nguyen / Tokyo, Japan
Events News

Michael Nguyen is awarded the Günther-Klinge-Prize of the Municipality of Gauting for special Achievements in Photography

Michael Nguyen

“By the Roadside” The Photographs by Michael Nguyen in a signed and limited Artist Edition

Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen has just completed his new project about the BMW Architecture Ensemble in Munich.

Michael Nguyen
Events News

Exhibition Michael Nguyen "In the Realm of Reflections and Lights" at Gauting Town Hall (Greater Munich) as part of the awarding of the Günther..

Michael Nguyen / Gauting, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Events News

Michael Nguyen's photo series "Arrived safely at Munich Central Station from the Ukrainian War Zone" will be presented at the Festival of Diversity..

Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen became a Member of the Judging Panel of the MonoVisions Photography Award 2022

Michael Nguyen
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Exhibiton report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (print & online)

Michael Nguyen / Gauting, Munich, Germany
Events News

Exhibiton report: Looking Deeper by Sabine Zaplin

Sabine Zaplin / Gauting, Munich, Germany

Michael Nguyen painted by German Artist Rainer Lafeld

Michael Nguyen / Germany

Photography by Michael Nguyen Transformed Into Transfer Lithography by Susanne Kotrus

Susanne Kotrus & Michael Nguyen / Venice
Media News

The Big Picture for: topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Anja Koller, topos / Munich, Germany / Munich, Germany
News Published

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Als Mark Spitz auf Medaillenkurs ging / When Mark Spitz set out on a medal course

Blanche Mamer, Süddeutsche Zeitung / Munich, Germany
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ADF Webmagazine Tokyo: The power of design and the contradiction between art and life. Michael Nguyen photographs Munich's most colorful shopping..

Prof. Dr. Rainer Funke, A D F Webmagazine / Tokyo, Japan
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Creative Boom: Photographs by Michael Nguyen that reveal the 'special' things we might see on a trip to Europe

Katy Cowan, Creative Boom / Manchester, United Kingdom
Events News

An exhibition shows for the first time photographs from the photo series "By the Roadside" by Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen / Gauting, Munich

By the Lake, in the Forest and in the Meadow

Michael Nguyen / Germany, Starnberg
Events News

Nature is within us - Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition - Tagree

Michael Nguyen / Gauting / Germany

On the Streets of Solitude

Michael Nguyen / Germany, France, Switzerland

Gold and Bronze for “In unknown Worlds of the Subconscious”

Michael Nguyen
Books News

The World in Black & White 2018-2020

Thanh Tung / Michael Nguyen / Germany

Urban Architecture in Black and White 2018-2022 (ongoing)

Michael Nguyen / Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Exhibition report in the Münchner Merkur (print & online) by Michael Nguyen
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