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Indianism: Modernisation in the Land of Spirituality
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Nationality: British
Biography: Michael Fung is a London UK based photographer and visual storyteller. His career as a photographer has helped him work, on commissions and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the international Music, Art and Entertainment fields.... MORE
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Indianism: Modernisation in the Land of Spirituality
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Updated Mar 2023
Topics Culture, Documentary, India, Landscape, Personal Project, Photography, Photojournalism, Reportage, Spirituality, Street, Travel
Indianism: Modernisation in the Land of Spirituality

In part 2 of my ism series I set out to document and explore with a photographic narrative, the theme of how India’s recent modernisation of its people and country are adapting and evolving in the land of spirituality.
And its effects on the preservation of the cultures and rituals of its peoples and its ancient and iconic past.

I traveled and documented the countries, peoples, lands, villages, towns, cultures, spirituality, rituals, places and cities. Far and wide.

Starting the journey high up in the Himalayas in the serene scenic state of Ladakh and its remote villages with its Aryan and indigenous peoples, then on to the Royal desert state of Rajasthan, and onwards towards the state of West Bengal and up to the magical region of Darjeeling and high up in the eastern Himalayas of the remote kingdom of Sikkim.

Further making my way down to the spiritual home of Varanasi and then further down to Tamil Nadu to the new age commune of and town of Auroville. Continuing onto the tea plantations and lush green hills and tribal jungle villages ancient rural back waters of Kerala and South India. Before finishing my journey in the sacred ancient region of Hampi. 

This documentation is the result of what I found, experienced and discovered, 

it was fascinating, mystical and an unforgettable and unique adventure of vivid insight into Mother India and her special peoples and lands. 

A living testament and homage to India and its balancing relationship with modernisation set in motion with the evolution of its spirituality and its ancient roots, heritage, traditions and vast culture.

The following regions were documented:









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Indianism: Modernisation in the Land of Spirituality by Michael Fung
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