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Cubanism:The Re-invention Revolution
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Biography: Michael Fung is a London UK based photographer and visual storyteller. His career as a photographer has helped him work, on commissions and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the international Music, Art and Entertainment fields.... MORE
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Cubanism:The Re-invention Revolution
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Updated Feb 2023
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Cubanism: The Re-invention Revolution

In part one of my "ism" Series I present a photographic exploration of Cuba focusing on the re-invention of the country during this prolific transformation and change. Focusing on  the creative artists, performers, dancers, musicians and influencers of culture. Who have been isolated on the island as a result of the decades-long economic and cultural sanctions placed upon the country.

Shot three weeks after Fidel Castro's death, the series aims to document and create a photographic narrative, highlighting the theme of Cuba’s rapidly emerging and immensely diverse pop culture.  Examining microcosms of Cuban culture and focusing on the  re-invention of the country through the creative gatekeepers of Cuban popular culture. Capturing the essence of post revolution Cuba that is  transitioning into the dawning of a new era.

The documentation of this transformation is a creative perspective as opposed to a political one. Photographing environmental portraits of  the emerging and long standing creative artists, musicians. Documenting unique cuban street life. Providing a window to glimpse into this extra ordinary country and its culture.

The following regions were documented:

Havana: The capital city of Cuba and artistic creative hub

Trinadad: Spanish colonial settlement where the clock stopped ticking in the 1850’s

Vinales: When you spy a cigar-chewing guajiro driving his oxen and ploughing through a rust-coloured tobacco field, you know that you must be within striking distance of Viñales
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Cubanism:The Re-invention Revolution by Michael Fung
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