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Feature - MiraaaFest
michael angelo medina
Aug 21, 2021
Location: McAllen
MiraaaFest, a multimedia livestream film festival, was held on August 21st, 2021.

The show, initially planned to be held in person at the McAllen Creative Incubator, was transformed into a livestream film festival due to a sharp uptick in the Covid-19 Delta variant. Unhindered by the last-minute transition, MiraaaFest was a resounding success, drawing thousands of viewers from across the globe.

The festival featured an eclectic assortment of bumpers, live skits, and short films.

One of those short films, Quo Modo Humana, is the Alta Vista team submission, and reflects the spirit of pure-hearted collaboration. Directed by Michael Angelo Medina, the film features Xuan Licerio's mind-altering projections, Lane Cheever's steady hand on the camera in the second half of the film, and Jose “Peps” Reyes delivering a phenomenal performance as The Hermit. Also featured: Ricky Gamboa's human-tracking digital eyes, Uriel “Conquista” Landeros' sculpture “Fire of God”, Tristan Xavier and Briana Olivares' genre-defying soundscape collaboration, and much more.

You can view the film through the following link:

If you enjoyed the film, you can find an exclusive Hermit print in the Alta Vista digital gift shop! To learn more, visit www.altavista.global/giftshop

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